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Today Gazzaz has established their presence in Kerala and Karnataka. With the industry looking up at OOH as a viable solution to make a mark amidst clutter, Gazzaz gives you ample scope to advertise and establish your image. Gazzaz provides solutions that match your budget- be it billboards, hydraulic mobile hoardings, bus shelters, neon boards, unipoles, gantries or digital displays.

There are two aspects that keeps us moving- ‘Innovate’ and ‘Inform’. With the right creative team behind us, we have been successful in bringing many firsts into the industry. 360 degree ad space is one of its kind, located right in the heart of Calicut.

With more than 98 renowned clients being served, Gazzaz gobal ad vision, offers the right platform to establish and register your brand, and reach the right target audience.

Gazzaz has also off late ventured into taking up the beautification drive in Calicut. Innovative avenues like side grills and road dividers have been utilized serving the twin advantage of advertisement and beautification.

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